Guide To Father’s Day Gifting

Dads, Grandfathers, Uncles and Family. Celebrate fatherhood with personalised gifting. Create one of a kind gifts that are as much of a joy to receive as they are to give. Your best gifts are on your camera roll, relive those amazing Dad moments and create something meaningful this Father’s Day with our Top 10 gifting ideas.


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Relive The Best Dad Moments




A photobook is a great way to celebrate fatherhood. Choose a collection of special moments and give the gift of memories. You can create a photobook in under five minutes with our Everyday Photobook, simply add your photos to our pre-designed layouts.


Top Tip : Use our photobook design service Build My Book and let our experts design your photobook for you.



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Tell His Story




You can create your own photobook directly on our website, we recommend our Top Seller, the A4 Landscape photobook. This popular format is easy to layout with our pre-designed page styles and easy to use online software.


Top Tip : Check out our Photobook Guide To Getting Started for a step by step guide and expert tips on how to create a photobook.



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Daily Reminders




Create a photo mouse pad that will remind Dad daily of his family and your special moments together. Your memories make the best gifts.


Top Tip : Add a caption or special message for Dad



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Your Memories Make The Best Gifts




Surround dad with everyday moments that remind him of how special he is. A collection of photo fridge magnets that he can look at everyday will make him feel special. Chose from our selection of sets designed for different styles.


Top Tip : Add your own personalised captions or messages to your photo fridge magnets so that Dad has a daily reminder of how special he is.



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Create One Of Kind Gifts




Our photo ledge is a crafty idea on how to display your best Dad moments. This affordable way of displaying photos is flexible and fun. You can change the photos to keep things fresh and it’s a great reminder to print those forgotten photos on your camera roll.


Top Tip : Gift the photo ledge to Dad with a Qphoto Gift Card so that he can refresh his photo ledge with new prints.



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Special People Need Special Reminders




Our Frameless Floating Print is a stunning addition to any desktop. Frame your best photo in floating perspex mounted on a wooden holder for a modern photo display that makes a gorgeous gift for Dad.


Top Tip : Select a photo that has a close up of people’s faces, this creates a lovely reminder of connection and love.



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Surround Him With Love




Nothing beats print. Create one of a kind decor with your best photos. Qphoto offers a wide range of framed prints for your walls or desktop. Give Dad the gift of memories, the gift that keeps giving.


Top Tip : Check out our guide on how to Create A Gallery With Family Photos for expert ideas on how to use your family photos for fabulous decor.



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Celebrate Fatherhood




Qphoto offers a wide range of beautifully designed canvas prints in English and Afrikaans. Simply add your photo to our pre-designed Dad canvas templates for a stunning printed canvas that will make Dad feel special.


Top Tip : Use photos from the same event so that the final canvas has a theme and the colours bring the design together.



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It’s All About Those Special Dad Moments




Gallery Wraps are an affordable way to print and display your best photos of Dad. You can create a gallery effect with these beautifully printed and mounted photo pictures.


Top Tip : Chose photos from a specific event so that your gallery tells a story and creates a visual impact. You can also print one photo every Father’s Day and build the gallery over time.



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Create Unique Daily Reminders




Qphoto offers a wide range of pre-designed mug templates with Father’s Day messages. Simply add your photos for a beautiful daily reminder for Dad of how special he is. Our affordable photo mugs are a winning gift for Father's Day.


Top Tip : Use photos of people’s faces that fill the design template for a lovey, personalised daily reminder that Dad will cherish.