Retain Memories with Prints

With advent of camera cell phones, we take and share special photos every day. At any special function we have group pictures, selfies and the craziest pauses are also captured. AT big and memorable events like weddings, birthday parties or upon arrival of a new baby it has become a tradition to have photos taken and share don Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and any of these social network platforms. Some special smiling moments have been preserved on Laptops, external hard drives CD’s and various storage devices.  It is always good to have such memories stored somewhere but it will be best if they get to be printed and then having them displayed at home at work in the corridors; or even at school or sports clubs you are affiliated to. I have seen some photos at my local gym being displayed and believe you me all these displays tell a great story vividly than viewing these photos on a cell phone screen.


Some of these photos can have their prints enlarged to have posters displayed on walls and aisles at church, home or school. Your enlarged photo prints are printed on genuine photographic paper to maintain that originality on your photo. Q-Photo photo enlargements are printed on either matt paper (increases the professional look & minimize glare), gloss paper (to give a shiny vibrant colour finish), metallic paper (high extra gloss) or silk paper (for that excellent image stability & vibrant colour reproduction).

You can opt for no borders or you can add a beat of tweaking by adding a white border on the edges of your enlarged prints. The border is equally as good as virtual framing or matting. The white borders also create the white space to render the image in its original dimensions.

Our photo enlargements range from post card size that is 90 by 130 mm, Jumbo 100 by 150mm Maxi 100 by 155 mm all these are on Matt or Gloss paper. The biggest photo enlargements we have is the 305 by 457 mm which is printed on all our paper types gloss, matt, metallic and silk.

Give your photos a new lease of life; enlarge your photo prints and create a bold impression with a fresh print.

Retro Prints

Q-Photo can help you relieve an event and tell your story through your photos as retro prints. You can add that personal message, quotes or narrations at the footing of the photos in our retro prints. Retro prints come in sets of 12 so you can arrange and save your photos in separate folders for easy of uploading online. You can have your retro prints packaged in our special designed packaging boxes or get a wooden block to have them displayed standing on your table or display unit. The retro prints are printed on the high quality 250gsm magno satin paper measuring 10*9cm.

Cluster Prints

Cluster Prints give the equivalents of your cell phone photo collage just each individual photo standing on its own not split.  Cluster prints help you show multi images in a photo print. All you have to do is select the best lay out and then choose the size that suites you between the post card size (90 by 130mm) or the Jumbo (100 by 150 mm). These cluster prints are printed on the high quality matt paper (increases the professional look & minimize glare), gloss paper (to give a shiny vibrant colour finish).

Business prints

Q-Photo has gained enough knowledge experience to get your business going. Let our prints do your marketing with their irresistible professional classy look and feel. Our prints be they flyers or indigo prints are so attractive and eye catching that even drivers on the busiest roads will not resist receiving a flyer. With our expertise we will guide you through the designing process to come up with the best design. Through the whole process of designing ordering and delivery we promise to deliver on time and in the highest quality possible. Our focus is on taking your business a notch higher to the next amazing levels therefore our quality guarantee promise can never be compromised.

Our Indigo prints are in A3+ size (430 by 310mm) and you choose whether you want them printed on one side or both sides.

The flyers we print come in the most popular sizes which are handy and this comes in portable to most of our clients. Our sizes start from A6 being the smallest followed by A5 and finally the A4 flyers. Sizes vary to suite and meet your requirements. All these business prints can be designed and ordered online. Our process takes 2 Working Days to get them ready from day of payment.

Say good bye to your advertising and marketing hassles and embrace Q-Photo business prints to increase your reach. Order Online Now.

Architect Plan Prints

Q-Photo takes pride in its high quality plotter printing machines that will print high definition durable architect plan prints. Our prints have made us the favourite of the most popular architectures, engineers and construction companies. Construction firms, architectures and most real estate house builders relay on our prints. Our printers have the latest high speed digital technology which is a guarantee to the highest-quality plan print.

We print 3 distinctive sizes A0 (1189 by 841 mm), A1 (841 by 594 mm) and the smallest A2 594 by 420 mm). We print for you in either black and white or line colour. We make sure you receive your plan in the best state/condition by use of the most reliable courier services in South Africa.  Your plan will be supplied as per your preference thus either folded or rolled to make sure that the prints are not distorted. Our prints are obviously on the best quality paper the 80gsm which is durable for a variety of uses.

Poster Prints

We strive to give you quality in all we do. We can have your images converted to frame worthy poster prints and still maintain the same quality. Our poster prints come in various sizes and printed on different paper types.

The paper types we have available are:

  • Photographic Matt or Gloss which can be printed from a 30 x 30 cm to a 100 x 100 cm square poster print or 30 x 40 cm to 84.1 x 118.9 cm rectangle shaped poster print.
  • Germany etch paper which can be printed from a 20 x 20 cm to a 60 x 60 cm square poster print or 20 x 30 cm to 84.1 x 118.9 cm rectangle shaped poster print. This is a fine art acid free etching paper specially coated to give excellent image sharpness and optimum colour graduation.  We recommend using this quality of paper for images that need high detail definition and water colour reproductions; 
  • Fine Art Velvet Paper which can be printed from a 20 x 20 cm to a 60 x 60 cm square poster print or 20 x 30cm to 84.1 x 118.9 cm rectangle shaped poster print. Fine Art Velvet paper gives a smooth natural colour on an acid free paper. It will deliver exceptional print results to the poster print accompanied with a look, feel and longevity of a heavy, matt offset paper. We recommend use of this velvet paper where high quality poster art and other cost effective art reproductions are to be done. It works best for black and white photo prints. 
  • Fine Art Textured Cotton Paper printable from a 20 x 20 cm to a 100 x 100 cm square poster print or 20 x 30 cm to 84.1 x 118.9 cm rectangle shaped poster print. This paper is lightly textured, 100% cotton with a natural paper colour. It is acid free and age resistant meaning it can preserve your photoprint for generations and generations. It is highly recommended for archival printing in either colour photos or black and white. Because of its texture its suitable also for art poster prints and exhibition poster prints.
  • Pearl Paper printable from a 40 x 40 cm to a 60 x 60 cm square poster print or 20 x 30 cm to 84.1 x 118.9 cm rectangle shaped poster print. This paper has a gorgeous shiny appearance. It is the type of paper that shimmers in brightly lit conditions. It is acid free and brings quality photo prints.