Matt or Gloss Photographic Prints
Matt or Gloss Photographic Prints from R2.30
Prices from R3.20


Sizes Matt/Gloss Metallic Silk
Post card - 90 x 130mm R3.20
Jumbo - 100 x 150mm R3.20

Retain Memories with Prints

With advent of camera cell phones, we take and share special photos every day. At any special function we have group pictures, selfies and the craziest pauses are also captured. AT big and memorable events like weddings, birthday parties or upon arrival of a new baby it has become a tradition to have photos taken and share don Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and any of these social network platforms. Some special smiling moments have been preserved on Laptops, external hard drives CD’s and various storage devices.  It is always good to have such memories stored somewhere but it will be best if they get to be printed and then having them displayed at home at work in the corridors; or even at school or sports clubs you are affiliated to. I have seen some photos at my local gym being displayed and believe you me all these displays tell a great story vividly than viewing these photos on a cell phone screen.