Matt or Gloss Photographic Prints
Matt or Gloss Photographic Prints from R2.30
Selected Sizes available
Prices from R3.30
Metallic Photographic Prints
Metallic Photographic Prints from R13.80
Selected Sizes available
Prices from R15.40
Silk Photographic Prints
Silk Photographic Prints from R22
Selected Sizes available
Prices from R16.20


Sizes Matt/Gloss Metallic Silk
Post card - 90 x 130mm R3.20
Jumbo - 100 x 150mm R3.20
Maxi - 100 x 155mm R4.80
5 x 5 -127 x 127mm R3.30
5 x 7 - 127 x 178mm R4.70
6 x 6 - 152 x 152mm R5.00
5 x 7.5 - 127 x 188mm R4.90
6 x 8 - 152 x 203mm R6.60
R15.40 R16.20
6 x 9 - 152 x 229mm R7.40 R20.60 R21.90
8 x 8 - 203 x 203mm R8.80
8 x 10 - 203 x 254mm R11.00 R28.70 R29.40
8 x 12 - 203 x 305mm R13.30 R34.40 R36.80
10 x 10 - 254 x 254mm R14.50
10 x 12 - 254 x 305mm R16.50
12 x 12 - 305 x 305mm R18.50 R51.80 R58.50
10 x 15 - 254 x 380mm R20.50
12 x 16 - 305 x 406mm R25.00 R68.90 R72.90
12 x 18 - 305 x 457mm R35.00 R77.60 R82.60


Some of these photos can have their prints enlarged to have posters displayed on walls and aisles at church, home or school. Your enlarged photo prints are printed on genuine photographic paper to maintain that originality on your photo. Q-Photo photo enlargements are printed on either matt paper (increases the professional look & minimize glare), gloss paper (to give a shiny vibrant colour finish), metallic paper (high extra gloss) or silk paper (for that excellent image stability & vibrant colour reproduction).

You can opt for no borders or you can add a beat of tweaking by adding a white border on the edges of your enlarged prints. The border is equally as good as virtual framing or matting. The white borders also create the white space to render the image in its original dimensions.

Our photo enlargements range from post card size that is 90 by 130 mm, Jumbo 100 by 150mm Maxi 100 by 155 mm all these are on Matt or Gloss paper. The biggest photo enlargements we have is the 305 by 457 mm which is printed on all our paper types gloss, matt, metallic and silk.

Give your photos a new lease of life; enlarge your photo prints and create a bold impression with a fresh print.