Cluster Prints - Postcard
Cluster Prints - Postcard from R2.30
Prices from R3.20
Cluster Prints - Jumbo
Cluster Prints - Jumbo from R2.50
Prices from R3.20


Sizes Matt/Gloss
Post card - 90 x 130mm R3.20
Jumbo - 100 x 150mm R3.20

Cluster Prints

Cluster Prints give the equivalents of your cell phone photo collage just each individual photo standing on its own not split.  Cluster prints help you show multi images in a photo print. All you have to do is select the best lay out and then choose the size that suites you between the post card size (90 by 130mm) or the Jumbo (100 by 150 mm). These cluster prints are printed on the high quality matt paper (increases the professional look & minimize glare), gloss paper (to give a shiny vibrant colour finish).