Photo Book Layout Ideas

Add poetry or writing

Photo Book

Create large white frame borders for a timeless design

Poetry or writing about an image can be very evocative and really lets the viewer relive the moment. You can use a bible verse or write out a conversation.

Tip: type out your words in Word or a similar program and take a screen shot so that it can be uploaded as an image file.

Family Recipe Book

Photo Book Layout Ideas

Take the images to the edge of the page

Pass down the family recipes and create an heirloom for future generations. You can include family anecdotes and photos. The lay flat photo book is ideal for a recipe book as it opens as perfectly flat as it’s namesake. The lay flat pages can also be wiped with a damp cloth.

Family Portrait

Photo Book Layout Ideas

Top Quality imported paper

Take the best photos of a certain year and create a family portrait of that time. The lay flat photo book is ideal for creating a full spread, edge to edge photo design and makes a big impact when you turn the page.

Pet Album

Photo Book Layout Ideas

Pur Binding

Take the top shots of your pooch and create a remember-when album that you can page through and enjoy again and again.

Just Because

Photo Book Layout Ideas

The Everyday Photo Book

Life is collection of moment, print them. It’s the best way to relive those moments and not let them be forgotten. You can enjoy them over and over again when you hold them in a neat photo book and remind yourself of what life is all about.