Canvas & Wall Art Printing

Canvas and Wall Art

At Q-Photo we understand that wall art is not what you see but, what you make others see; We do that with distinction. The greatness of our wall art decor's is that we don’t just do the common wall art but we do the unique and personal box mounts, box frames, block mounts, acrylic mounts, wall decals, wall paper and the magnets. We do the canvas printing and our prices are extremely affordable.


Canvas is a good old tradition for decorating walls at home, work or even museums. Q-Photo will help you personalize your canvas decorations by adding your favourite photos on the canvas.

Our canvas material is in two types:

Canvas Lite

The 280gsm bright white poly mix fabric which is wrapped around handmade timber frame with bracing to prevent warping. We always want to give your canvas prints that vibrant colour effect. So we lock in the colours with a UV varnish that we use to treat your canvas print and still leaving your photos as fantastic as you desire.

Canvas Luxury

Luxury canvas is on the 380gsm 100% cotton permanent water proof and flame retardant canvas that boasts of its long lifespan on your walls. The vibrant colour effect is easily brought out and maintained by the UV varnish treat which locks in the colours on your canvas photo print.

Layouts Available.

Q-Photo canvases come in mainly 3 layouts which are the single image stretch canvas, split canvas and cluster canvas. These layouts can all be tailor made to your wall and space specifications either rectangle, square or panoramic. Standard processing time for the canvas prints is 10 working days from date of payment.

Canvas sizes range from the smallest 20cm by 20cm up to the 100cm by 100cm. Make your walls tell your story, order your canvas wall décor online today. 

Block Mounts

Our block mounts help you not only decorate your walls but, also are an ideal way to make your print stand out while creating stylish spaces. Coming in different sizes on 1.5cm board and varying templates the block mounts can be customized to fit any wall space. We use 8 colour state of the art printers for your block mounts on quality special paper.

Box Mounts

Box Mounts help decorating walls in a cost effective way. We add a black strip at the edge of the box mounts to create that defining line between the box mount and the walls and still come out magnificent. The high quality 8 colour printer is used for your images onto this box mount and it is available in different shapes and sizes. Just select your square, rectangle or panoramic box mount and place your order today.

Box Frames

Because they are box frames they come mounted on a 5cm board which has a built-in profile on the edges. They are available in our customers’ most favourite colours black, white, brown and grey. Box frames come in a variety of sizes up to the A0 size and can either be rectangular or square.

Your photo prints on box frames are created on your own choice of paper that suites your need from photographic to fine art, velvet or cotton textured and the special hahn German etch prints.

Let your wall décor express your family home or office in a unique style, place your order online today.

Acrylic Mounts

If you move with trends and like that modern day high-tech feel; Q-Photo’s Acrylic Mounts are the best recommendation we give you. Acrylic mounts are the new baby in interior décor. They give that perfect classy finish to your image bringing you and your visitors an ecstasy of home warming delight.

Acrylic mount is on a thin board which is 0.6cm thick synonymous to the modern day flat screen TV. Your photos will come out crystal clear with a floating look similar to perspex print.

Acrylic mount is a must order now either square or rectangle in any size you select.