Q-Photo Shipping

Shipping Rate Card

  • Collect in Store:


  • Collect at selected PostNets nationwide for orders over R100 (click here for list):


  • Door-to-door delivery anywhere in South Africa:


  • International Shipping - we will contact you directly to finalize a quotation, minimum deposit:




What happens if my order is under R100?

You do not qualify for free shipping, so we suggest you add something to the shopping cart. Alternatively, you will be charged R 80 for delivery to a selected PostNet or door-to door delivery.

How do I make changes to my shipping instructions?

The moment we receive your order we start working on it in in order to deliver it to you in the fastest time possible. We understand that mistakes happen, so we will accept changes to your shipping address within 24 hours of placing you order.

You will need to phone us immediately and confirm your shipping address changes with a follow-up email. If you placed your order when our Client Care was closed, please phone us as soon as we are open and we will try our best to assist you.

What does it cost to make changes to my shipping instructions?

Changes to shipping instructions will be charged an administration fee of R100 over and above the courier costs if any.

If I change my shipping instructions from courier to store collection to I get a credit?

Changes to shipping instructions attract an administration fee which will be waived if you change from courier collection to store collection, therefore there will be no refunding of courier fees.

How long does it take for an order to be delivered to me?

After production, delivery to your doorstep or a selected PostNet, can take anywhere from 2 to 3 working days. However, during peak seasons please allow for up to 5 working days.

What happens if I am not at home to receive the order?

The courier will contact you up to 3 times, if you are unavailable and they cannot make delivery, the order will be returned to Q-Photo. We will contact you for delivery arrangements which will be for your cost.

How long do I have to collect the order at PostNet?

PostNet will keep your order for 7 calendar days, thereafter is will be returned to Q-Photo. When you collect your order at Q-Photo you will charged a R95 release fee. Should you request that the order be sent to you via courier, you will be charged the courier fees plus the R95 release fee.

Can I track my order delivery progress with the courier?

Yes, your waybill number has been sent to you by Q-Photo via SMS and email. Please use this number to track your order with the following links below;

PostNet > click here.

Door-to door > click here.

Which countries are considered international?

All countries outside South African borders.

If I am from a country outside of South Africa do I have to pay import duty?

Import Duties apply to customers who reside in another country receiving orders from Q-Photo. Depending on your country and the products ordered import duties range from 10 % or more than 40 %. Please check with the relevant authorities or any international shipping company.