I am a huge fan of unique gifts. With my little niece turning one in October I thought of all the things I could get her - Toys being the obvious choice but I wanted to give her something she will cherish forever; even when she is a big girl.

So, I decided on a 20x20cm Layflat Hard Cover Photo Book, you must think why would you give a baby a book?

This is what I did:

I made a book with the title My Favorite People (My Gunsteling Mense). This little book contains photos of the people she cherishes most. It turned out to be a great project that she just loves! We enjoy looking at each page and watching her point at the faces when we call out the names. Pretty soon she'll be spelling the names, and then you know what comes next…. college applications!

Protip: Why did i use a Layflat and not a regular photo book? The answer is simple – a Layflat has thick pages that will help those little hands flip the little book with ease.

I will definitely make another one soon. Maybe i will include photos of her favorite places and favorite things. She'll be spelling I-C-E–C-R-E-A-M in no time!