Put your gun away, and no one will get hurt.

Now, the only shooting that will be done are Cupid’s arrows, and of course so many romantic couples’ photos. This may bring groans and complaints from your significant other, because finding new and exciting ideas for unique couples’ photos can be challenging.

Should you just take some selfies, maybe hire a photographer this year and go to a scenic location, or perhaps a studio shoot? With many options and ideas available to you, the idea of Valentine’s Day may become overwhelming, which is why you have come to the right place.

If you decide to take the month of love into your own hands, here are some useful tips to ensure your adorable couple photos come out perfect:

Tip 1

The Rule of Thirds

This is something that all photographers know. A photo shot placing the object of focus more towards the right or left side of the frame is more aesthetically pleasing than a photo placed right in the center. Keep this rule in mind when snapping photos with your partner. 

Tip 2 


It doesn’t matter how stunning both of you look – if you’re in dim or dark lighting, your photos just won’t come out very clear. To avoid disappointment when taking photos, make sure that you have enough light to illuminate both your faces, to make for a clear, sharp image. Ideally, the very best time to snap pictures is during the ‘magic hour’ which is one hour after sunrise or one hour before sunset – so try take your photos in these hours, and you will have beautiful lighting to compliment your couples’ photos.

Tip 3 


A smile is timeless, and although it may be popular to pull funny faces or pout, a smile can be magical for a photo – and in this case, you are with someone whom you love, which means it will look genuine and authentic.

Tip 4


The setting doesn’t need to be perfect, but there are some factors to consider when choosing a setting. Firstly, you and your partner will be taking affectionate photos, so you will have to pick a spot where both of you will feel comfortable. Secondly, the location should be one that is not too crowded or busy, otherwise people might interrupt you or cause distractions. 

Idea 1

Couple of Feet

This may not be the pose for you as a couple, if feet aren’t your thing. That being said, these make for super cute “feeties” and is a very simple pose to master. Click a picture of your partner’s and your feet either bare or in some fancy footwear, either standing or just relaxing in bed.


Idea 2

Holding Hands

An underrated pose that shows just the right amount of intimacy, is the holding-hands pose. This pose is appropriate for every kind of couple out there and with the right manicure and jewellery, can make a for a classic valentine’s day photograph.


A Peck on The Cheek

A picture when your partner gives you a soft kiss on the cheek is the perfect amount of PDA and can be taken just about anywhere, however a pretty background can add even more romance and ambiance to the photograph.


Piggy-Back Selfie

From a nice high angle, this photo is super playful and can be the ideal pose for when you are visiting a beautiful spot outside.

Idea 5 

Your Inner Child

If you are a couple that can be obnoxiously crazy with one another, then you can snap a few selfies of the two of you pulling silly faces or sticking out your tongue; as long as it is genuine, the pictures will look amazing and can guarantee to put a smile on your face when you revisit them.