If you’re dropping major bucks on hard-to-pronounce macchiatos or need a commute -friendly solution for your coffee, it might be time to invest in a good travel mug, because when you’re on the go, regular coffee mugs just won’t cut it – and disposable cups?

No way.

You need a durable, protective travel mug. One that will keep your coffee hot all day – or icy cold if you’re into that.

And we’re not talking about a clunky, thermos-type drinking vessel here.

No matter if you like your coffee piping hot, or served over ice, our personalized Travel Mugs are the perfect travel companion.

Travel coffee mugs have received major upgrades over the past few years. They feature more sleek designs, leak-proof lids, and are portable enough to carry in a bag, backpack, or purse for those times you need a caffeine beverage.

When you’re looking for a durable travel mug, here’s what you need to ask yourself when you’re looking to upgrade your travel coffee game:


One of the most important factors for a travel mug is the ability to retain heat. No one wants to sip on cold coffee an hour into their trip. This means you need to look for mugs that are vacuum insulated and double-walled. Vacuum insulation keeps heat from transferring out of the mug – which means your coffee will stay steaming for hours on end.


On the opposite end of this spectrum, for iced coffee lovers, you want something that keeps your drink cold. Insulation is key, just as it is for hot drinks – and a stainless-steel interior will help keep your coffee icy cold, too.


The worst part of disposable coffee cups? When the coffee spills, or shoots, out of the lid. Nothing will put a damper on your day faster than spilling coffee all over your shirt or in your car. So, when you’re looking for a travel mug, look for something with a leak-proof lid. Trust me, it saves lives.


How much coffee do you drink? A mug’s size should complement your caffeine needs, so you won’t end up tossing your coffee or spending a lot of money at a local java point.


A travel coffee mug shouldn’t be too heavy or flimsy for your daily adventures. Look for a mug design that are lightweight, durable, and spill-proof. This can help you avoid accidental leaks – no one wants a coffee shower when you’re walking, driving, or taking public transit.