In the advent of more affordable digital cameras with impressive specs, no to mention social media and photo-sharing platforms, the current generation has inevitably developed a liking for taking and appreciating pictures. For some, it inspires them to practice the art and invest time in developing serious photography skills and start their journey of beginner photography.

If you aren’t quite sold on the idea of pursuing the wonderful world of photography, then below you can find a couple of reasons why you should learn photography:


Photography is an artistic form of expression. No one experiences life exactly the same, which is why a lens can help you narrate that story, exactly as you see it. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to photograph every moment of your day, but it does encourage you to look for the beauty in your world and finding the best way of portraying that specific moment in the best way.


Your life is full of special moments that are planned or sometimes unplanned. One thing you should always try do is capture these magical moments, so they can last forever. Knowledge of photography can help you turn everyday moments into something extraordinary.


You will change, and so will all your loved ones. It is inevitable. Photographs are made to capture a specific moment in time for you to keep forever. By learning the craft, you will not only be able to photograph the people you love, but you will be able to capture the essence and personality of the person. This way you will have tangible evidence of the existence of the people you have had in your life, and you will be able to remember them that way for the years to come.


Most aren’t lucky enough to have creative jobs, and as a human being, you have this innate need to express yourself uniquely and creatively. Photography can give you that option of self-expression through the hidden creativity inside of you. As an individual, you can develop your creativity further and express yourself through your view.


Our worldview is just the result of the perception of our senses. Hence, every individual looks at the world from a different point of view. With the help of photography, you can train your eyes to notice more and really see the beauty around you.


Best ways to learn photography

  1. Visual

A visual person will learn best from seeing something demonstrated and looking at photos, maps and diagrams. Watching “how-to” videos, reading books and online blogs will really support your learning style if you are a visual learner.


  1. Auditory

Auditory style people learn through listening to lectures or audio presentations of people talking things through and listening to what is being said. Listening to podcasts and audiobooks would be a great way to compliment your learning style.


  1. Kinaesthetic

This is all about activities. You prefer to be hands-on and try things out to discover how they work. Attending practical workshops would help you develop your skills further.