Having options is great, especially if those options consist of hundreds of beautiful photographs to choose from, however, being an indecisive individual can complicate the process. This usually results in you abandoning your endeavour of creating a stunning photo book, and your photos remain forever on some photo sharing platform, which just doesn’t give them the credit they deserve.

Below are some quick and easy tips on how to choose your best photos for any photo book:


Some blurry photos can create an artistic flair, however, if it was not meant to be that way then it can ruin a picture. This means that faces in the image needs to be in focus and clear.

Certain times you will only notice objects that don’t belong in a photo after the photograph has been taken. This could be structures, shapes, colours, or textures that spoil the composition by distracting focus from the main subject.

Photo books are made for sharing, so you don’t want to embarrass a loved one by adding a photo that is unbecoming to them.

Here’s an example: when a person steps in front of the camera just as you press the shutter and catch a portion of them right on the edge of the frame.

Make sure the light in the photograph, natural or created, is suitable and conveys the story or memory you are trying to tell.

Think about each photo from the perspective of yourself and the person viewing the image – the story you want to tell should be easily conveyed through the image and if it doesn’t do just that, it unfortunately won’t be making the cut.

When you are sifting through personal photos, it can be difficult to let some of them go, but in order to create the perfect photo book, you need to be brutal with your pickings. Just go with your gut feeling. If the photo just seems off or doesn’t quite create the impact you are looking for, then rather opt for a different one which is more suitable.

You may find yourself fussing about the timeline of your photos, but don’t worry too much about it. Your book doesn’t need to follow chronological order and mixing things can make flipping through the pages even more interesting and exciting.

One great photo is all it takes to inspire an entire book or series, so let your thoughts be limitless as you decide on your themes. You want your book to tell a story, so you will have to think about your book as becoming an integral part in a series – what will your collection look like as it grows? This might help you to decide on a theme that you can add to down the road such as an annual holiday trip or can be designed with your kids in mind, as a way to showcase their childhood from your eyes. Think about your chosen theme as you sort through your favourite photos – and about your images collectively – how they would look alongside one another: adding a variety through landscapes, portraits, candid’s and photos of details will give you a well-rounded archive.

Instead of focusing on the sequence of events, curate your photo book by looking for patterns in colour, texture and tone. Test different combinations that might pair well together – an image of broad scope may go well with one of more precise detail and is a great way to add variety and balance.

A photo book is a wonderful representation of life, each unique to their owner. The photographs are your story-tellers and should depict your memories in the best possible way, so be inspired by them, but most of all – just enjoy building your best moments into a beautiful photo book.