The arrival of autumn brings opportunities for photos that are way more exciting than that pumpkin spice latte on Instagram. Jumping in leaf piles, the endless cups of hot cocoa, and the warm glow of nature changing its seasons would make parents shutter-happy and anxious to take some adorable autumn photos of the family.
We’ve got some tips and tricks to help you snap beautiful autumn photos that both capture the magic of the season and reflect your family’s personality together.

As the seasons change, so does the light. The sun sets earlier, its angles change, and its light illuminates the earth differently. It’s a great time to take advantage of the golden hour and the warm glow. 
Tip: Go exploring with your family and capture some amazing storytelling images of your adventure. To make the most of the changing light, go outside with your family an hour or so before the sun sets. Capture the light and feeling – and enjoy being together. 
Autumn is about colour. 
Tip: bring out the season’s vibrance by giving your image a boost. You can do this with almost any camera by increasing saturation or vibrancy picture settings. Or, if you choose to edit your images, you can add some saturation after the fact.
Get creative with the way you incorporate this quintessential sign of autumn in your photos.
Tip: crumb down some leaves to blow them towards the camera like glitter or tossing them up over an umbrella. 
This is a shot where you stand above your child and photograph them lying on the ground below. 
Tip: When the trees are bare or brown, have your child lay on the ground. The leaves on the grass add great texture, and when your child’s eyes are tilted upward, you’ll get pretty catchlights – even on an overcast day. 
As autumn moves along, foliage becomes less dense.  Nature can provide you with naturally creative frames for the season, and this perspective will add wonderful depth to your photographs. 
Tip: take the opportunity to find little ‘windows’ between the branches and remaining leaves, through which you want to photograph your subject. 
While bright days in early autumn afford a vibrant backdrop, the setting gives way to greys and browns as winter and its blustery weather approach.
Tip: all you need is one great colour pop – a red scarf, pink umbrella, yellow balloon – to bring life back into the scene.