With all of the excitement and anticipation that comes with planning your wedding, the day finally comes and passes more quickly than you'd even imagine. While you should savour each moment, one thing is for sure: you’ll want to relive it forever. The best way to draw value out of all you put into your wedding day is to make these moments tangible. 

The first thing to do when setting your initial budget is get into research mode! Find a few wedding photographers in your area that post rates publicly on their websites, just so you can get a general idea of what things cost and start with a realistic jumping off point.

The other big factors can be timeline and shot list expectations. If you are trying to save money, but photos of the prep and getting ready aspect of the day are important to you, perhaps you’ll be willing to cut some time off capturing the reception.

Things like adding a second photographer will also contribute to the final quote. Just be ready to think about those kinds of decisions and communicate with your partner about what is important to you both!”


Find not only what appeals to you now but will for generations to come. Looking beyond photography trends will lead you to discover your true taste. Even for the couples who aren’t photography savvy.

Make a collection of your favourite wedding photos that you've seen, and ask yourself why you like them — is it the editing, composition, their ability to capture emotion? Then find a photographer that does that thing really well and show them your collection to get aligned.


Viewing a full gallery or two of real weddings a photographer has shot will allow you to see a more comprehensive range, from family portraits to reception detail shots.


Whether it’ll be a sunny, outside setup or low-lit, indoor ambiance, assessing the amount, source, and timing of light in your venue is key to making proper arrangements with the photographer.


An initial shoot with a photographer lets you meet each other in person, gauge chemistry, and see their style first-hand. Most couples aren’t used to getting their picture taken, so having a little session before the wedding gives you time to get used to it.

Engagement sessions give people confidence—once they get the photos back and they see that they are beautiful and lovely and take a damn good picture, they are typically less anxious about the photos the day of the wedding


After the last toast and grand exit, the photographer’s work is far from finished. Knowing what to expect in the post-production process will help balance all that excitement and anticipation to relive your best day through photos.


Look for an honest, organized, friendly photographer, because that’s who will be spending the day by your side. You have to find someone you feel comfortable with, who you like, and who you trust, because we are the artists you’re entrusting with your most precious moments and memories.

Meshing well with your photographer means you can just let them capture your day and create in a way that is not only true to your wedding day, but to who they are as an artist. It is just a win-win for everyone.


And once you’ve received all your stunning photos from your wedding photographer you can start showing them off in print – create a Wedding Album, a stunning canvas display, or just about anything else you can think of!

Want to see what your wedding photos could become?