When you’re looking to print, you’re essentially trusting a company with your most valued photo memories. And if you’re paying good money for a product that will stand the test of time, then you need to make an educated decision.

You want a business that exudes professionalism and quality – their collateral material will say a lot about who they are. 

Using a quality printing company can mean the difference between receiving a professional or amateurish product, which is why we’ve taken the liberty to put together a checklist before you decide on printing.


Some of the smaller printing companies may not be able to cater to your individual requirements, depending on what they are. They may only be able to facilitate with a certain quantity; they may not have the paper or product on offer – or they may not be able to provide you with the turnaround you need if you’re a business owner. It’s a good idea to spend a bit of time on their website to find out a little more about them and what they have to offer. If in doubt, give them a call.


Our Guarantee: With an expertly designed website, your online shopping experience will be easy and effortless. And with a big company like ours you’ll be spoilt with options from our large array of products that we offer. If you haven’t spent some time browsing our online store, take a tour at www.qphoto.co.za.


 Any quality printing company should be able to provide exceptional results, so that you get the printed items that you want and the effect that you are hoping to achieve. Even small quality issues such as a single blurry image or an uneven cut along the edge can take your item from exquisite to substandard very quickly. A reputable company will also do a final check over of the work before it goes to print to ensure you have the best possible product at the end of production.


Our Guarantee: Our photographic printing is done with Fuji technology and papers. Our printers are calibrated and tested daily by operators who have over 25 years of printing experience. We stand behind every product that we make, and exceptional results are what we strive for. Each product is carefully assembled, produced, and finally checked before being shipped. And with exceptional results you need exceptional workmanship to ensure a great final outcome. We

 It is essential to check the quality of work a print company has carried out for you. To check the quality of work you could view their samples. You can view product samples on their website, but an even better option is to go in and physically observe samples. This way you can check paper stock, colour consistency and print quality. You will want to make sure these samples are of the quality you’re looking for.

If a printing company is investing in the latest and leading print technology, this is also an indication that your product will be finished to a higher quality. Having modern and technically advanced digital printing presses provides unmatched clarity, precision and quality consistency, thus guaranteeing a highly professional print output.


Our Guarantee: Printing with Q-Photo means you can get a free test prints in order to make sure the final product will look exactly as you imagined the final product. We also place strong emphasis on the use of innovative and cutting-edge technology; just to name a few: a laser staple machine from Europe to stretch our canvas print, a laser binding machine (also from Europe) to build a perfect album, an 8-colour printer for your photo book covers and fuji crystal archive paper for exceptional quality photographic prints.


 From prepress to mailing, the right printing business should be able to offer several references who you can contact. If you ask for references and the printer cannot provide any or they only have one or two previous customers who are willing to talk about their experience then this can be a red flag that this may not be the right printer for you.


Reviews can also be a good way to determine the creditability and trustworthiness of a print company. Checking reviews on sites such as Facebook or Google is a good starting point as you will be able to see what other customers think of that company. You want to be able to trust your print job will be completed to the standard and timeframe you require.


Our Guarantee: Since one of our main goals is 100% customer satisfaction we encourage our clients to send us their testimonials after they’ve received their ordered item. And if the customer is unhappy with their order, they can just contact us, and we will make sure to make it right.


 A quality printing company will offer affordability, with a competitive pricing schedule that is on par with what other organizations would charge for the same order. If the price of one company seems excessively high or low, this can indicate a problem waiting to happen, and you may be better off choosing someone else instead. Remember, never sacrifice excellence for cost.


Our Guarantee: Our goal is to aim for 100% customer satisfaction, so we believe in our service so much that we offer a money-back quality guarantee if your order isn’t exactly right. Secondly, we offer competitive pricing on all our products so you can be sure you’ll get value for your money when you order from us.


 Every quality printing company in the industry with a great reputation is well established, and they have been in the business for many years. Look for a print company that has been in business for a significant amount of time. They will be familiar with the industry and have more experience and expertise.

Have a look at their “About Us” or “Who We Are” sections – this should give you some more information on their background and their company missions and objectives.


Our Guarantee: Established in 1984, our award-winning company has led the way to pioneering digital print solutions. With an exceptional support system our company propels the brand ahead in the industry and if you would like to read more ‘About Us’, follow this link.  


 You want to choose a print company that is able to communicate effectively and listen to your requirements. Great communication will go a long way, as they will take the time to understand your needs and will work with you to accomplish them. Part of offering you a professional service would mean keeping you informed of any changes throughout your experience. This means communication should be easy and the print staff you deal with should be helpful and friendly.

They should be willing to go the extra mile to ensure that your print job is completed correctly and to a high standard. This assistance can be invaluable for inexperienced business owners or those who do not know a lot about the printing process and options available.


Our Guarantee:  A team of highly qualified individuals are made available to you – they are just a phone call away. They are there to assist you with any problem you may experience when ordering your product and will make sure all issues are resolved for 100% client satisfaction.


 A top-quality printing company will have extensive knowledge of every step in the process, from the prepress aspects to the colours and stock used as well as the best print method to use. Without extensive knowledge of printing, the business may not be able to provide the guidance and the finished results that you require.


Our Guarantee:  We do not outsource anything and our international collection of equipment and skilled craftsmen, some of who have been with us for more than 20 years, allows us to create beautiful products. Our Lab Technician has over 30 years of experience and has been trained by Fuji in Japan six times.   With the combined forces, you can be guaranteed excellent service and quality products.  

Some of our staff are also trained through regular annual attendance at international photographic trade expos such as WPPI and the renowned PhotoKina, which has allowed us to offer the most comprehensive service available in South Africa.


 There are many specialized techniques that can be used to set your items apart, such as embossing, foil stamping, and die cutting. Some of these techniques are started in the prepress production stage while others are used later in the process, and each can add a lot of value and appeal to any item.

Embossing and foiling stamping can add elegance and sophistication and die cutting can help you add another dimension with customization shapes and designs as well.


Our Guarantee: Apart from embossing our albums, we use gauze tape for our album spines, no short cuts, and all albums are PUR bound on imported equipment from Belgium guaranteeing an album that will last for years. Our black end sheets are imported from Italy and bound directly to the cover; we do not spray or stick end sheets to the block (bound pages). We also bake our pages onto boards with imported machines from Italy and we do not use glues which cause the pages to peel. Our scoring is done by machines during production for 100% accurate and consistent results.


 A quality printing company will usually offer mailing services along with actually printing out the materials that you want, and this can speed up the process and ensure faster delivery of your items. Make sure that any printer under consideration can deliver the service that you want and need before you place an order.


Our Guarantee: After production, delivery to your doorstep can take anywhere from 2 to 3 working days. You are also able to accurately track your order by using an issued waybill number. We also deliver worldwide!