Standard Photo Book

Standard photo books are built with PUR binding for a traditional photo book which has the valley in the middle of the book with that beautiful wave and fall in the sheet what defines a traditional book.

PUR binding is a hot glue binding system far superior to traditional binding methods, Q-Photo is one of a few companies in South Africa that can offer PUR binding.

You can have up to 100 pages,(minimum 20 pages) more pages than our other binding methods. Pages are bound into the book using a really clever, special glue called PUR. It's clever because when we apply it, it cures but stays flexible for life and it's super strong. We've tested it on books up to 5cm thick and then hung the book for hours off a single page - the result? Nothing budges.

A Standard photo book takes 5 working days to manufacture.

Lay Flat Photo Book

LayFlat photo books are bound so that the book can open 180 degrees flat as the name implies. You can print one image across two pages (one spread) and have a seamless picture without the binding crease when you open the book.

The book is completely flat from left page all the way to right with no join - it's one big continuous sheet. This sheet is then mounted to a board and the result is a super thick bonded page. The result is an unbelievably strong, very high quality binding method.

A LayFlat photo book is limited to maximum 40 spreads or 80 pages and a minium of 10 spreads or 20 pages. Our LayFlat photo books are printed on genuine photographic paper or fine art paper depending on your requirements.

A LayFlat photo book takes 7 working days to manufacture.