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02 August 2016

Gallery Wall Art For Sale



Gallery Contributors

Brendon Cremer

“I am a wildlife photographer and specialist photographic safari guide. I lead photo safaris, workshops and tours especially designed for photographers of all levels! The success of a Photographic Safari, Workshop or Tour is of the utmost importance and this is governed by many factors but the most important, being in the right place at the right time to capture that dream shot. Spending quality time in the field at some of Africa’s Premier wildlife locations and going home with some mind blowingly exceptional images.”

Photographer Awards:
• Fuji Getaway Awards, 2007-2010 Various Category winners and achievements
• BBC Wildlife Photographer of the year, 2011 – 2013 various category semi finalists and finalists
• Nature’s Best Photography Windland Smith Rice International Awards, 2011 - 2012 various Category finalists
• National Geographic’s Top Photographs from the Wilderness, Publications from 2011 - 2013
• Various National and International photographic and wildlife magazine and media publications and articles

Wim van den Heever

“From a young age, my love for both nature and photography has set me on the path to where I find myself today. Travelling the globe, photographing the extraordinary wildlife and natural phenomenons this world has to offer, I consider being a professional Wildlife Photographer a huge honour. The photographs act as a reminder of not only the beauty in nature but also the constant threat against it, hence keeping nature alive in the hearts of people.”

Photographer Awards
I have been lucky enough to receive a few awards and accomplishments over the last few years. Most recent accomplishments include:
• 2015 BBC Wildlife Photographer of the year - Category Placing (New name of competition is Natural History Museum WPY competition)
• 2015 Kontinent Awards - Runner-Up Professional Division
• 2014 Windland Smith Natures Best Photography Awards - Highly Honoured Award
• 2013 Windland Smith Natures Best Photography Awards - 2x Highly Honoured Awards
• 2013 BBC Wildlife Photographer of the year - Runner-Up Award
• 2012 Windland Smith Natures Best Photography Awards - 2x Highly Honoured Awards
• 2011 BBC Veolia Wildlife Photographer of the year - Highly Commended Award
• 2010 Africa Photographic Awards - Runner Up
• Fuji Getaway Awards - Various Category awards from 2006 - 2009

Kobus Saayman

Kobus loves to combine his artistic abilities with his perfected photographic techniques to produce a unique approach to his wildlife photography. His work was quickly noticed by publishers around the world, and a demand for his photographs increased exponentially - not only in South Africa and Africa, but also in international wildlife journals and magazines.

Kobus has won multiple awards, again not only locally, but also with reputable establishments like Africa Geographic. Shooting from a helicopter while wearing his legendary shocking pink spandex is his favourite time behind the lens.