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Rectangle Square Panoramic
20 x 30cm - Prices from R186.70 20 x 20cm - Prices from R135.10 30 x 60cm - Prices from R370.60
30 x 40cm - Prices from R309.20 30 x 30cm - Prices from R250.20 30 x 90cm - Prices from R569.20
40 x 50cm - Prices from R466.70 40 x 40cm - Prices from R416.10
40 x 60cm - Prices from R545.80 50 x 50cm - Prices from R625.50
60 x 90cm - Prices from R1114.80 60 x 60cm - Prices from R806.90
A0 - Prices from R2018.60

Box Mounts

Box Mounts help decorating walls in a cost effective way. We add a black strip at the edge of the box mounts to create that defining line between the box mount and the walls and still come out magnificent. The high quality 8 colour printer is used for your images onto this box mount and it is available in different shapes and sizes. Just select your square, rectangle or panoramic box mount and place your order today.