acrylic mounts

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Rectangle Square
15 x 20 cm - Prices from R145.00 20 x 20cm - Prices from R178.50
20 x 30cm - Prices from R267.40 30 x 30cm - Prices from R360.20
30 x 40cm - Prices from R480.20 40 x 40cm - Prices from R570.80
40 x 60cm - Prices from R855.70 50 x 50cm - Prices from R780.40
60 x 90cm - Prices from R1686.20 60 x 60cm - Prices from R1123.10
Acrylic 15 x 20 cm Desktop Stand - Prices from R145.00

Acrylic Mounts

If you move with trends and like that modern day high-tech feel; Q-Photo’s Acrylic Mounts are the best recommendation we give you. Acrylic mounts are the new baby in interior décor. They give that perfect classy finish to your image bringing you and your visitors an ecstasy of home warming delight.

Acrylic mount is on a thin board which is 0.6cm thick synonymous to the modern day flat screen TV. Your photos will come out crystal clear with a floating look similar to perspex print.

Acrylic mount is a must order now either square or rectangle in any size you select.